Table Setting

Guardian Force Rules

Revision: 06/29/2020

This organization supports a neutral stance typically, however some rules have to exist.


Regarding which countrys laws apply within our group (rule #1):

This is an important subject, our members come from all over the world. Generally most of the activity is located on the soil or digital grounds of "The United States of America". If someone is from outside such boundaries we ask that they observe both the laws of their own countrty and that of "The United States of America" just to cover their own self from all angles.

Regarding the topic of Age (rule #2):

You must be 18, there are no exceptions.

Regarding the topic of Censorship (rule #3):

We support the agenda of people having the right to be themselves and the right to express that (you may want to review the general idea about the freedom of speech in USA), if your present in one of our chats you may experience such circumstances, each member is responsible for their own actions - period.

Regarding the topic of Members (rule #4):

All members are bound to the rules within here, any decisions made by staff are final. Appeals to the founder may be made but are reviewed as a first come first served basis.

Regarding the topic of Rules (rule #?):

More rules yet to come..